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Flat Roof Replacement

How to tell if you need a flat roof replacement in Houston

As an owner of a building that uses a flat roof perhaps you are wondering when would you have your roofing replaced. In other types of roof systems, like a peaked roof, you can notice shingles coming apart and fluttering in the wind. A flat roof does not have these tell-tale signs. They have little by way of observable visual manifestations that your roof is crumbling and that it needs replacement.  Perhaps, the most noticeable indication that replacement should be done is leaking.

Signs that you need to replace your flat roof

While the durability of roofing depends on the type and build of the material you have for the roof, the following are the ways by which you can tell that it is time to replace your flat roof in Houston:

  • If you can see holes and your roof buckles and you see leaks into the ceiling, it’s time for roof replacement.
  • If your roof is bound together by panels and such panels have disintegrated and cannot be repaired at all, you need to replace your roof.
  • If upon inspection of the vapor barrier, you find it torn and that you have leaks originating from your ceiling, it’s an indication that you need to replace your flat roof.
  • If the wind has blown off the tar paper and exposed the undercoat of your tar and rock-covered roof, you should most likely replace your roof.

When you suspect a leak or worse a need to replace your roof, don’t hesitate to contact Advanced Roofing Solutions. Right after your call, we will send a team of professional roofers and give you expert advice. Advanced Roofing is a reputable company with BBB A+ rating and duly certified by National Roofing Contractors to perform flat roof replacement in Houston.

We handle large-scale projects and makes use of roll-on materials fastened directly on the roof. Some of these materials are PVC and TPO rubber. Materials like these are not only long-lasting but are also better at keeping water.

Free roofing inspection and estimate 

Before any repair or replacement, your roof has to be thoroughly inspected. Luckily, you can avail our free roofing inspection and estimate for your guidance.  Once we inspect your roof, we will give you an informed choice of whether you need a repair, a restoration, or a complete replacement. We may also advise on pulling up the presently installed rubber roofing materials to enhance the underlying insulation and re-install rubber shingles and some fresh flashing. We may also need to fix cracks to prolong your roof life. Flat roof replacement is a task that should not be taken lightly. As such, Advanced Roofing Solutions would advise that we use high-quality roofing products if you want a roof that lasts.

Regardless of the kind of roofing you want, you can rely on Advanced Roofing Solutions. Our technicians are professionals and they have decades of experience in flat roof replacement in the Houston area.