Spring Cleaning Maintenance for Your Roof

homeowner is standing on a ladder to inspect his roof

It's that time of year again! The weather is getting warmer, and the sun is staying out longer, so it's time to start thinking about your spring cleaning checklist. For most people, this means deep cleaning their homes from top to bottom. But did you know your roof should be at the top of that list too?

Spring is the perfect time to perform some maintenance on your roof to prevent any damage or problems down the road. Unfortunately, the top of the home is one area that tends to get overlooked by most homeowners. Instead of thinking it is “out of sight, out of mind,” the roofing experts at Advanced Roofing Solutions are here to provide tips on what you should do.

Schedule an Inspection

Regular roofing inspections are crucial in keeping your roof in optimal condition. No matter how small a roofing issue may seem, it can rapidly escalate if not identified in time and repaired quickly. Taking the time to have a certified inspector review the condition of your roof can save you money in the long run. A professional will be equipped to detect minor issues that may seem harmless now but could develop into more extensive and expensive problems.

Don’t Forget Your Gutters

Properly maintaining your gutters and downspouts will help prevent water from pooling around your roof. Cleaning these systems twice a year will help ensure they keep working efficiently and prevent any water damage or clogging that could occur due to blockage. If many trees surround your home, consider investing in covers for your gutters, as this can further protect against debris buildup.

Trim Nearby Trees and Shrubs

Keeping nearby trees and shrubs well-trimmed around your property will help prevent damage to your roof, as branches can scrape and scratch against your home on windy days. If branches are close enough to your roof, they can provide a pathway for pests to gain easy access and cause damage. Regular trimming will help maintain the integrity of your roof’s surface and the safety of your residence.

Houston, Texas Roof Maintenance

If you’re unsure how to properly maintain your roof or don’t feel uncomfortable doing so, don’t fret! Advanced Roofing Solutions has been proudly serving the Houston area since 2008, and our team of experts would be more than happy to assist you. We offer free inspections and estimates; give us a call today at (832) 952-0907!